buena-vida-botanicals-premium-supplementsFocused on providing all natural remedies for you and your body, we seek out and have manufactured only the finest herbal recipes for various conditions. We start by identifying a particular condition or occurrence within the body that needs a better solution. Then, we research time honored herbal recipes that have been passed down through the generations of indigenous peoples, as well as naturopaths from centuries ago. If we do not find a recipe, we begin our own research to identify what herbs or herbal pairings may offer relief. Once we identify a recipe that makes sense, we have it made in small batches to ensure it’s safety and efficacy before bringing it to our customers.

All ingredients we use are always naturally occurring, organically grown, plant-based ingredients. We believe our role is one of helping people find effective herbal remedies so that people can use alternatives to pharmaceuticals. We know you deserve to live a healthy life and should not have to worry about a long list of harmful side-effects from something that is supposed to make you better. And, we know that most people live time crunched lives, so we offer our herbal remedies in capsules so that people can quickly and easily take their desired amounts and get on with their lives.

While some of the ingredients we use come from other countries as this is where certain plants grow best, we are located in San Antonio, Texas and ensure that all our natural herbal remedies live up to the standards of the United States. We offer Free Shipping on All Orders $25+and strive to ship all orders by the next business day. Please take the time to review our products and find the ones that meet your needs and those of your loved ones.

At Buena Vida Botanicals, we are here to help you live a simple healthy life!

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