Does CBG Help with Sleep?

CBG, the lesser-known cousin of CBD, is a promising newcomer in the wellness industry.

What is CBG?

Cannabigerol, or CBG, is one of many chemical compounds (called cannabinoids) derived from plants in the cannabis family, including the hemp plant and marijuana. This particular compound was first documented by scientists in the 1960’s, and it is the compound from which all other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant originate (1). Like cannabidiol (CBD), CBG does not cause a ‘high,’ and it works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), an anatomical system consisting of cannabinoids, receptors for them, and enzymes to break them down (2). Even though the workings of the endocannabinoid system are not completely understood, it does seem to have an effect over a variety of body processes including sleep, mood, appetite, memory, and reproductive health (2). Since CBG is essentially at the root of all other cannabinoids, it is possible that its effects are more wide-ranging than others. 

Potential benefits of CBG 

Early research suggests that CBG could help to mitigate the effects of a long list of health conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease, glaucoma, urinary issues, bacterial infections, and more (3). More extensive research concerning CBG and its potential benefits in the clinical setting is forthcoming, and there have been some promising developments.

It is important to note that, as with other cannabinoids, there are no conclusive scientific studies to substantiate claims of CBG health benefits. As such, the FDA does not currently regulate CBG supplements on the market. However, there is significant anecdotal evidence from people who use CBG products, and it often claims positive effects. Like CBD, CBG has potential anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the potential to aid with anxiety and depression; this is because it interacts with the ECS, which is known to have a role in mood regulation (2).

Potential side effects

As with nearly all supplements, it is possible for CBG to produce some undesirable effects. Since research is less complete concerning CBG than CBD, the side effects of CBG are essentially uncharted territory. One of the most important considerations when using CBG is the possibility of drug interactions, so it’s essential to consult your doctor before committing to a purchase.

CBG and sleep 

Many people who conduct their own research on cannabinoid-containing products are looking for relief from insomnia, or for better sleep. There is evidence to suggest that CBD may have positive effects as a sleep aid, but what about CBG?

As of now, there is no specific evidence to suggest any sleep benefits from CBG. However, as mentioned before, CBG interacts with the ECS, which has a hand in regulating sleep as well as mood. Because CBG may help people suffering from anxiety, it may also help with sleep problems in those with anxiety-induced insomnia. (2)

CBG products

CBG comes in a variety of product formats, just like CBD. Which of these products is right for you depends on your desired dose, as well as your lifestyle. Here at Buena Vida Botanicals, we stock CBG as extract, oil, and capsules. The extract is used by directly ingesting a small amount, so the dosage isn’t as exact as it may be for oil and capsules. However, the extract is raw, which means that it contains other cannabinoids as well as CBG, and that it’s closer to the chemical composition of the plant from which it was extracted, which many users find appealing. CBG capsules are similar to other cannabinoid-containing capsules—they contain a specific, pre-measured dose of CBG. The oil is also infused with a specific concentration of CBG and administered by dropper, which is beneficial because it allows users to adjust their dose more accurately.  

Whichever way you decide to try this exciting new cannabinoid, Buena Vida Botanicals has a product to fit your needs!  



In conclusion, CBG is not as well-researched as CBD, but there are some promising possibilities in terms of its benefits. While the only specific studies so far are inconclusive, and they deal with chronic health conditions, CBG’s status as the starting point for all of the other cannabinoids suggests that its benefits could be quite far-reaching. For those looking for relief from sleep problems, CBG may be helpful, especially if those problems are related to anxiety or another mood disorder.

If you decide to try CBG, make sure to check with your doctor if you have existing medication, as there is a possibility of adverse drug interactions. Also, make sure to only buy high-quality products, and to verify both accurate labeling and lab-testing before making a purchase. (3)


Disclaimer: This article is based on our independent research. While our team does everything in their power to provide accurate and current information from credible state-run websites and resources, we are not lawyers or legal experts. As such, none of the following information should be interpreted as legal advice. Content on these pages is provided for informational purposes only and those with legal concerns should consult experts within their state, such as the FDA.


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