Hemp Extract – Syringes


Raw CBD Hemp Extract is prized by many as it is the most pure state of the extract.  It has not been heated or treated in any way and as such, the original ratio of compounds found naturally in the plant still exist.  In the natural state, generally CBDa is just as present as CBD.  Only once it is heated is the CBDa turned into more CBD.  CBDa has it’s own benefits, similar to, but still somewhat different than CBD.  This is 99.99%pure Raw CBD Hemp Extract.

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Hemp Extract – Syringes


Raw Hemp Extract is used by those who wish to have extract in its most natural state.  As it comes out of the hemp plants, the extract is naturally fairly equal in amounts of CBDa and CBD.  Since marketing has made people believe that more CBD is best, many people just look at how much CBD is in any given product.  However, for those purists out there who know the real situation, this extract has the original plant ratios of all the cannabinoids.

So, in this very natural state, you get the benefit of CBD and CBDA and several hundred trace elements which are not present in other types of extract.  More importantly, you get the benefit of the “Synergistic Effect”.

The Synergistic Effect is where the various cannabinoids and phytonutrients and trace elements all heighten the effect of each other.  So, instead of just getting the effect of CBD and the effect of CBDA, for instance, you get the heightened effect of CBD influenced by CBDA.  And, you get the heightened effect of CBDA influenced by CBD.  And, this happens for EVERY cannabinoid and trace element.  All cannabinoids and phytonutrients work in “synergy” with each other heightening each other’s effect.

Each batch of hemp extract will have some natural variation.  But, most of ours have between 65-75mg of CBD and 75-85mg of CBDA per gram of product.

CAUTION:  The taste is very hempy.  Yet, it can be highly effective!

Most people use this product by putting it straight into the mouth and under the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.  And, for most, after a couple of weeks of using, the users get accustomed to the taste and just move through it as they know the benefits they get on the other side and know it’s well worth it for them.

Raw Hemp Extract can be key in a healthy regimen of hemp treatment for your best well-being.

Hemp Extract – Syringes

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