Crystals999 – 999mg of CBD


For those seeking virtually pure CBD, Highland Pharms brings you CBD Crystals, aka cbd isolate.  Nothing here but 99.9% pure cannabidiol in crystalline form.  Can be taken directly as is or mixed in with some other “carrier”.  These are pretty much tasteless so we have numerous parents of children who won’t take anything out of their normal dietary routine who sprinkle these on peanut butter sandwiches or anything that is normally eaten.  The children typically have no idea anything has been changed.  1 full gram of crystals is 999mg of CBD.  Compare to other cheaper brands who offer only quarter gram or half gram.

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Crystals999 – 999mg of CBD

You may see in places on our website where we talk about the difference between full spectrum cbd extract and cbd isolate.  Crystals999 is 99.9% pure CBD isolate in their crystalline form.

While Highland Pharms typically uses only full spectrum cbd extract in their products, they recognize that isolate can also have great benefit.  Many people use this to mix into other products like vape oils or massage oils to add CBD to those types of products.  However, over and over again, the single greatest use we hear for them is from parents of picky eaters, especially those with autism.  Oftentimes, these children do not eat anything out of their normal routine.  So, getting them to take cbd drops or something else is virtually impossible.  But, with these CBD Crystals, parents can add them to a food that the child eats.  These have no taste and become barely visible when mixed into a food, especially  those with oils.  Peanut butter is the most commonly used food to mix with for these types of situations.

But, CBD Isolate doesn’t have to be used only to hide into children’s food.  Smoothies, cereal, yogurt or even a pinch directly into the mouth and under the tongue is often used.  It’s basically a quick and easy way to take your CBD.

The container has 999mg of CBD.  So, if you would typically take say 20mg of CBD, this container would equal about 50 servings.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As with all Highland Pharms products, these are a premium grade isolate in a full gram amount.  If you’re comparing prices of these with other companies, please be sure the other company’s isolate is a full gram.  Many sell in quarter gram (250mg CBD) or half gram (500mg CBD).  This full gram has 999mg of Premium Grade CBD from USA grown plants.

Ingredients (1 gram):  CBD Isolate Crystals.

These CBD Crystals come from hemp that is grown in the U.S. and is extracted using SuperCritical CO2 extraction process for purity and cleanliness.  No GMO ingredients.  No pesticides used in the growing.  Just pure Mother Nature creating this wonderful material for all of us to use.

(NOTE:  While these products are called “crystals”, it is possible during the “set up” process in the lab that they actually turn into a powdery substance, rather than larger crystals.  Both are normal and either is possible.  Regardless the form, they still contain the same 99.9% CBD.)

Crystals999 – 999mg of CBD

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