About CBD Oil

Sometimes, simple is best. When it comes to CBD the most basic and effective form is oil. Highland Pharms oil products are imbued with premium hemp extract containing only pure CBD oil that has been extracted from the hemp plant with utmost care. Unlike other companies, they use the premium supercritical CO2 extraction method which requires precise and exact decarboxylation to extract raw cannabinoids from the cannabis sativa plant. This method ensures the hemp CBD oils are never heated past a temperature that could compromise the quality and purity of the product. (1)

All of Highland Pharms’ custom-made CBD oils and extracts contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including: CBCA, CBC, CBG, CBGA, CBDA, and CBN. These products only have a trace amount of THC in them, meaning they’re non-psychoactive and there’s no risk of experiencing any hallucinogenic effects. 

The hemp oil extract used in their products comes from a small Colorado hemp farm that only grows high-grade cannabis sativa.  

Choosing CBD

Full-spectrum oils contain lots of compounds found naturally in hemp plants. These include proteins, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and terpenes—each of which are thought to offer substantial health benefits. 

CBD oil is still in the early stages of regulation and medical research. As such, we understand how difficult it can be to find an authentic CBD product that contains everything it claims. Many brands intentionally mislabel their products, skip important stages in the manufacturing process, and forgo the use of organic ingredients in favor of cheaper ones.

When choosing the right CBD oil, there are three things we recommend considering: origin, extraction, and ingredients. We believe Highland Pharms ticks all of the boxes.

  1. American-grown: Highland Pharms uses hemp that is farmed right here in the U.S.
  2. CO2 extraction: All hemp is grown using organic growing methods and extracted via the CO2 method to ensure product purity.
  3. Contents: Not only are all products accurately labeled with their contents disclosed, but each is accompanied by a researched and referenced product page for your peace of mind. 

What is CBD oil used for?

Our customers use CBD Oil for many different reasons.  Some prefer to be proactive to prevent something from happening while others use it because it provides them with some level of relief of something they are battling.  While the FDA does not allow us to make any claims of what CBD oil can be used for or what it treats or what others use it for, there is much information available on the web.  We encourage you to do your research.  No matter what condition you’re considering CBD for, chances are you can easily find someone who has had some degree of positive results and is more than happy to discuss their experience with you.   We truly wish the veil would be lifted on all the wonderful results people have obtained using these naturally occurring hemp derived compounds.  But, for now, governmental agencies require us to stay quiet.

Before using CBD oil, it’s best to consult a healthcare professional. The scientific community is far from releasing any concrete findings, but the results thus far look promising. We here at Buena Vida Botanicals believe strongly in the products we sell and the testimonies provided by Highland Pharms’ existing customers.

Disclaimer: The information above is based on our independent research. While our team does everything in their power to provide accurate and current information from credible state-run websites and resources, we are not lawyers or legal experts. As such, none of the following information should be interpreted as legal advice. Content on these pages is provided for informational purposes only and those with legal concerns should consult experts within their state, such as the FDA.


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Is CBD oil effective for pain relief?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not permit any sellers or producers of CBD to make health claims about the medical efficacy of its products. As such, our CBD oil products are intended to supplement and support your wellness, rather than cure a particular ailment.
Our customers use our products for many different reasons; many hope to experience the potential health benefits for which CBD is being scientifically studied, such as increased pain relief from inflammation.

Is CBD oil effective for relieving anxiety?

The products we offer are not designed to treat any particular condition or symptom. However, Highland Pharms products are often purchased by people in search of alternative ways to alleviate anxiety, and in the hopes of inducing an overall sense of peace and relaxation.

What benefits do CBD hemp oil drops bring?

All Highland Pharms CBD products are manufactured using the same CO2 oil extraction method, culminating in a full-spectrum CBD oil that contains both CBD and all other naturally occurring phytonutrients and cannabinoids found in hemp plant matter.
Since all of the products we offer contain the same main ingredients many of our regular customers find that all forms render similar results. Remember: every person’s body is different. Some consumers may notice differing results depending on the type of CBD they prefer to use.

How do I use a CBD oil tincture?

The CBD drop applicator attached to the lid of our CBD oil tincture products is designed to deliver the precise number of drops desired. We recommend either applying them directly under the tongue or adding drops to a spoon and then pouring it under your tongue. When the product is in your mouth, optimize the absorption rate by holding the drops under the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing. CBD oil drops can be taken on a full or empty stomach.

Can I take these with my other prescriptions?

It’s best to speak with your regular physician before adding any new supplement to your medicinal regimen—particularly when you’re already taking medication. The FDA still classifies CBD as a food supplement but it may still interact with particular medications.

How do I know where the CBD comes from?

All Highland Pharms' CBD oil products utilize the same CBD extraction method from hemp plants grown in Colorado using organic growing methods.
However, not all CBD is equal. There are many other CBD brands on the U.S. market that source their CBD extract and isolate from plants grown internationally, with minimal oversight. Some companies even buy their CBD from brokers who don’t know anything about where or how it was grown. To ensure your safety, please exercise good judgement and conduct due-diligence before making a purchase.

Are Highland Pharms CBD drops made with CBD isolate or full-spectrum extract?

All Highland Pharms CBD drops are made with full-spectrum extract, meaning in addition to CBD, they contain all of the cannabinoids and phytonutrients found naturally in cannabis plant material for optimal effectiveness.

How is Highland Pharms CBD oil extract better than other brands?

The highly skilled farmers of Highland Pharms begin the CBD oil production process by planting premium cannabis sativa in the crisp air of Colorado. Once the hemp has been harvested, the CBD oil is then extracted using a delicate process known as the supercritical CO2 extraction method, to prevent damage to the extract. It's then mixed with a premium carrier oil and used across the entire Highland product range. (8)

Is the CBD oil extract tested?

All of Highland Pharms products are tested by third parties to ensure the amount and purity of CBD in each product reflects what is advertised. A comprehensive ingredient profile is available on each product page so you can make an informed decision.

What is Highland Pharms CBD tincture best for?

Highland Pharms CBD tinctures can be used for a variety of different reasons. Some of our customers incorporate them into their daily routine to achieve a sense of well-being and improve their quality of life. Others buy them to aid the quality of their sleep or for their potential calming properties.

How is Highland Pharms CBD tincture better than others available?

We cannot speak for the quality of other suppliers on the market. However, we can share what we know to be true about Highland Pharms products, and the measures they take to guarantee the quality of every CBD product.
All Highland Pharms products are imbued with CBD from U.S.-grown plants and contain full-spectrum hemp extract, meaning they include both CBD and a host of other naturally occurring cannabinoids and phytonutrients. They never use substandard CBD isolate. After the production process is complete, they test every batch of products to guarantee CBD concentration and quality. Then, they store them properly to prolong their shelf-life.

What is in the bottle of CBD drops that I receive?

Each bottle of CBD drops contains extract from U.S. grown hemp. Any additional ingredients are listed on each corresponding product page, visible before you make a purchase. A dropper is included in the lid of every CBD oil order for ease of application.
The milligrams of CBD contained in each product is specified on the label. Please note that the number of servings in each bottle will depend on how many milligrams of CBD you wish to consume in each serving. Read the product description of each item carefully before purchase, as this will allow you to calculate the number of drops you'll need in order to obtain from the milligrams of CBD you desire. Highland Pharms state that each bottle has at least 500 drops of tincture, but typically closer to 600 drops.

How quickly will my CBD tincture arrive?

If the CBD tincture you purchase is in stock on our site, your order will ship the next business day. Orders under USD$75 are eligible for free shipping via First Class US Mail. Or, you can upgrade to Priority US Mail at checkout.
Most orders are delivered within 3–5 days of shipping, but First Class Mail may take up to 10 business days.