500mg Hemp CBG Drops


Available in either Mint or Strawberry flavor, these CBG drops from Highland Pharms are infused with CBD rich hemp extract and additional CBG to further enhance it’s effectiveness.  Used by many to provide many therapeutic effects.  Grown, formulated and manufactured in the USA for your piece of mind and safety!

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500mg Hemp CBG Drops

Highland Pharms has made these unique CBG drops for enhanced relief of pain and inflammation.  They begin with extract that is naturally rich in CBD and other phytonutrients and plant compounds.  Then, they add CBG to it and infuse it into MCT Oil to make it easy to consume.  A few drops a day and you’re on your way!

This 30ml bottle has 500mg of CBG in it and 420mg of CBD.  10 drops provides 10mg of CBG, plus 8.4mg CBD.  20 drops provides 20mg CBG and 16.8mg of CBD.  Experiment to find what works best for you to live your best life!


  • CBG Extract
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • MCT Oil
  • Natural Mint or Strawberry Flavor

Why is Highland Pharms’ CBG Extract Different?

Highland Pharms takes regular Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, naturally rich in CBD and infuses additional CBG compound into it.  This creates a hemp extract that is rich in both CBG and CBD for your best effects.  And, Highland Pharms uses extracts and compounds from premium quality hemp plants grown in the USA.  Lab tests are conducted on products to ensure they contain the amount they’re supposed.  All growing, lab work and manufacturing is done in the USA so you don’t have to worry about anything coming from unknown places overseas that can’t truly be monitored.

Freshness, Premium Quality, Finest Methodologies  –  Highland Pharms!

500mg Hemp CBG Drops

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