25% CBG Hemp Extract


This is hemp extract from USA grown plants that is naturally rich in CBD.  Then, it is infused with high grade CBG  to deliver an extract incredibly rich in CBG and CBD for your best wellness.  Can be taken directly or used to make your own products.  Try it today!

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25% CBG Hemp Extract

Cannabigerol (CBG) is the newest line of products being used from the hemp plant.  Found naturally in hemp, which is low in THC so there is no high and is fully legal in all 50 states, CBG has been found to deliver therapeutic effects to the body**.

This product is the raw extract which is used by Highland Pharms to make their CBG Drops and CBG Capsules.  Many people prefer to take the gooey extract directly for purity or to make it into their own ingredients.  Each gram of extract has 250mg of CBG AND 75mg of full spectrum CBD extract.  With this much CBG and CBD, the effects of well-being achieved is much greater than when taking a regular hemp extract.  This is because the CBG and CBD cause a synergistic effect from both compounds working together, thus multiplying the other’s effect.


  • CBG Extract
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Why is Highland Pharms’ CBG Extract Different?

Highland Pharms takes regular Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, naturally rich in CBD and infuses additional CBG compound into it.  This creates a hemp extract that is rich in both CBG and CBD for your best effects.  And, Highland Pharms uses extracts and compounds from premium quality hemp plants grown in the USA.  Lab tests are conducted on products to ensure they contain the amount they’re supposed.  All growing, lab work and manufacturing is done in the USA so you don’t have to worry about anything coming from unknown places overseas that can’t truly be monitored.

Freshness, Premium Quality, Finest Methods  –  Highland Pharms!

25% CBG Hemp Extract

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